Centerforce Debuts Three New Kits For 2015 Ford Mustangs

Centerforce Debuts Three New Kits For 2015 Ford Mustangs


The automotive world has been raving about Ford’s newest Mustang since it debuted last year. With a whole compliment of new features, independent rear suspension being one of the biggest, the Mustang is finally a truly capable car on the race track and not just the dragstrip. Ford saw fit to give the incredible 5.0L Coyote engine a power bump, but the aftermarket has already started to run wild with it — often surpassing the stock clutch’s capabilities.

Luckily, Centerforce has three new solutions for that problem: Dual Friction, DFX and Dyad clutch kits. Applications are available for both the OE configuration (1-inch-diameter, 23-spline input shaft) and aftermarket 1-1/8-inch, 26-spline shaft setups (which require upgrading to Centerforce flywheel P/N 700215).



The Dual Friction kit (P/N DF023500 23-spline, DF148500 26-spline) is a best-of-all-worlds, bang-for-buck upgrade. On the pressure-plate side, the clutch disc has a full-area friction facing, which allows the clutch to engage smoothly and easily. The flywheel side of the disc has puck-style (segmented) friction surfaces made of aggressive carbon-composite material. This maximizes holding capacity while still maintaining daily drivability.



For ultimate street/track performance for the 2015 Mustang, Centerforce offers the Dyad Drive System (P/N 04234805 23-spline, 01148500 26-spline). This multi-disc clutch system offers extremely high holding capacity while retaining stock-like noise levels and an easy-to-modulate pedal feel. It utilizes Centerforce’s patented multi-disc design: The clutch disc that rides on the transmission’s input shaft is engineered with nubs that drive the second disc. A steel floater plate between the discs helps provide smooth, quiet operation. These features combine to provide a torque holding capacity of over 1,300 lb-ft at the flywheel, which is included in the kit.



The Dyad DS comes fully assembled with premium ARP hardware. Also, each Dyad includes a detailed inspection/test form, giving the owner all the specifications about their new clutch. In summary, the Dyad DS is engineered to handle most high-horsepower scenarios while still maintaining a stock pedal feel.

Racers who run built motors will want to investigate the aggressive DFX kit (P/N 01023500 23-spline, 01148500 26-spline). This system uses a single paddle-style disc with premium friction material that has high holding capacity and bite. The DFX is SFI-approved for competition use.



Centerforce pressure plates for these Mustang clutch kits use patented ball bearings and centrifugal counter weights. These features retain drivability while maximizing holding capacity.

No matter how much you plan on modifying your Mustang, Centerforce has most high-performance clutch scenarios covered. For more information, contact Centerforce, 928.771.8422,


About Centerforce

A division of Midway Industries, Centerforce is an award-winning manufacturer of performance clutches and flywheels. The Centerforce brand has earned a well-deserved reputation for reliability, quality and durability where superior clutch performance and easy operation are mandatory. Continuous product development has earned Centerforce many U.S. and international patents. Based in Prescott, Arizona, Centerforce currently offers more than 1,600 non-asbestos clutch, pressure-plate and flywheel applications for performance cars, trucks, SUVs and Hot Rods. 



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