Champ Car Turbos

I was looking for something in the build shop at Cosworth and found a workstation with some drawers underneath. I opened it up and I think I hit a jackpot of Garrett Champ Car turbos and parts. The entire cabinet was full of turbo components and assemblies. The turbos are capable of supporting up to 850hp and seemed to be sized pretty close to their GT40ish street car cousins. The turbine wheel sizing and A/R don’t seem too ridiculous for road race use either. They are sleeve and thrust bearing turbos; no fancy ball bearing stuff. These turbos were originally designed for the Cosworth XFE 2.65L V-8 engine and run about 40 in/Hg of boost (or 19.64psi) up to 12,000rpm in endurance trim (hence the XFE). I think one of these would work great on my Nissan RB26 2.8L inline 6 at 30psi and 9,000rpm. Maybe one of these days if my buddy Brett stops lagging and has his guys finish my exhaust manifold at Full Race, I might be able to actually try one of these turbos.

Here’s a look at the turbos from an old post: Champ Car Turbocharger.

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