Christa’s first Racer, a Top Kart Go Kart


 christa kojima top kart

Now that her ride is ready, Christa still has to grow a little before she can drive her new kart, she is a bit short and cannot push the brake pedal hard enough to lock the wheels yet so she will have to wait a few months before she can drive her new machine.  In the meantime she will attend racing school to get ready for her first events.

christa kojima's Top Kart

Kart racing is a good sport to help make young people get more coordinated and fit. Kids can learn mechanical skills as well.  Looking into accident stats, it also seems pretty safe when compared to other kid’s sports.  Christa is looking forward to her first season in racing and will have a competitive ride waiting for her when she is ready and big enough.


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Noonan Racing
Baller Bolts
Password JDM
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