Despite the last 3 months being ridiculously busy, I managed to sneak in a couple of concerts. There’s nothing like loud music and a little bit (or a lot) of alcohol. If you enjoy the music or concerts in general, it’s a great way to just forget about the outside world for a couple hours. I think I have discovered my new activity for occasional stress relief.


Maxwell @ The Shrine Auditorium, November 1, 2008

While I’m not a huge R&B fan, Saya is pretty hardcore so I told her I would be down to check it out. I was super busy at the time, but you have to pay your dues sometimes. Anyhow I went to the Maxwell concert after 5 consecutive 15 hour work days so I was super tired (pre-SEMA). After waiting in line for 30 minutes to get two stoli and sodas and two martinis, the energy level started coming back up a bit. I only knew 2 or 3 Maxwell songs, but his voice is pretty amazing and the songs were pretty good. His band was good too. Maxwell gets 4 stars, the Shrine Auditorium gets 2 stars for the bullshit drink lines, and the Shrine Auditorium sound gets 3 stars for being only mediocre. The sound quality didn’t quite do Maxwell’s voice justice. He’s a pretty good entertainer though. He probably had all the chicks pretty wet for sure.

Tom Jones @ MGM Hollywood Auditorium, November 6, 2008

You have to do something to stay away from all the industry fag parties at SEMA so Saya and I decided to check out a Tom Jones concert since I was already staying at the MGM. Tom Jones is the shit. He is a true entertainer and his songs are timeless. He’s looking pretty good for his age (68) so I’m sure his surgeon kicks ass. He still moves around on stage pretty good too. If you ever get a chance to catch a Tom Jones show, you should go. The auditorium was only about 3/4 full and I had 4th row, center stage seats. Two cougar+ (lions?)ladies threw panties on stage too. The band kicked ass and one of his backup singers is smoking hot. The pimp that he is (read his bio in Wikipedia), you can bet he’s probably hittin it. Tom Jones gets 4.5 stars, the MGM Hollywood Auditorium gets a 4.5 for having cocktail waitresses (drinks come to you), and the auditorium gets 4 stars for sound quality with good bass.

Oasis @ The Staples Center, December 4, 2008
I have to admit that I’m not a huge Oasis fan, but Yaya asked me to go. She broke up with her boyfriend and he was a huge fan so there was no way in hell she was going to let him go to the show (chicks can be vindictive…). We spent most of our time drinking and walking around, but then we would run in if we knew a song. Yaya and I had a blast. The venue is cool with smoking areas, plenty of restrooms and bars so Staples gets 4 stars. The sounds kicked ass if you’re into the big concert sound so Staples gets 4.5 stars. I felt as though Oasis was like a money machine knowing they would only have to show up on stage, sell some $40 t-shirts, do a bullshit encore (1 Beatles song), and collect $$$. I didn’t get the feeling they enjoyed playing, appreciated their fans, or anything. Screw them; I’m not a big fan so they get 2 weak ass stars.

Next on the list are some smaller shows at smaller venues. I don’t know where or who exactly, but I look forward to it.

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