Congratulations Eric Hsu-Sierra Sierra and Billy Johnson-FX Motorsports Development


Congratulations Eric Hsu-Sierra Sierra and Billy Johnson-FX Motorsports Development for your Source Interlink Superlap Battle Wins!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Sierra Sierra EVO time attack killer

MotoIQ's master Tech Editor Eric Hsu helped Sierra Sierra win the overall victory at Source Interlink's Superlap Battle Time Attack with their locked and loaded EVO VIII.  Eric's contribution is supporting the Cosworth Powertrain that propels the potent EVO.  The EVO piloted by Formula Atlantic Champ David Empingham, blazed around Buttonwillow's configuration 13 clockwise (which is becoming an international standard for time attack) in a scorching 1:45.061 seconds on Hankook Ventus Z214 C91 DOT tires. 

Eric Hsu Sierra Sierra EVO

Sierra Sierra just barely edged out MotoIQ's Fastlap Editor and RWD Unlimited winner Billy Johnson who turned a time of 1:45.247 for the overall win in the mighty FX Motorsports Development-Cricket Wireless NSX.  Billy rode to his RWD Unlimited victory on Yokohama A-048 DOT tires.

Billy Johnson FX Motorsports Development NSX Super lap battle

Billy Johnson NSX

MotoIQ's alpha geek Mike Kojima helped out Formula D's Pro Dai Yoshihara in his Time Attack debut.  Dai brought out his own personal 350Z sponsored by The GT Channel.  The GTI Motorsports prepared Z fought severe brake system failures all day which prevented Dai from turning a competitive time in RWD Street Class.  Dai finished 8th with a time of 2:04.82, unfortunate as he had turned a 2:02 in practice.  The car was another 8 day wonder having been built in just 8 days with the crew pulling an all nighter to get the car on the track.  Expect much more from Dai and the Z in the future.

Dai Yoshihara time attack 350z

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