Cool Shit at Autosport 2008

Honda F20C with individual throttles and dry sump oiling.

1988 Le Man’s winning XJR9 with 7.4L V-12. I remember watching this car win the 1988 Le Man’s race on TV when I was a kid.

A BCNR33 Skyline GT-R in front of a BMW 3.0CSL race car.

John Player Special with Renault F1 engine with twin Garrett turbos from the early 1980’s. These engines were 1.5L V-6’s cranking out about 1000hp in qualifying. Fucking buff. The turbos look surprisingly like T3/T04’s.

Bugatti Type 35 with supercharged 2.0L straight 8 from 1924. I love early race car engines. Old school shit is cool.

The Prodrive booth featured the assembly of their turn key Group N rally new STI.

Early/mid 2000’s Renault 810hp V-10 F1 engine at the Mechachrome booth. I admit: I have a shower injector fetish.
I was walking around the show today when Ben from GT Culture in the UK stopped me and told me he was a big fan of my blog. He had his EVO on display at the show. Nice meeting you Ben. If anybody sees me anywhere, feel free to stop me and introduce yourself. It’s always good to meet the people who read the blog!

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