Cosworth CA F1 – 2.4L V-8

At the Cosworth SEMA booth there is a Cosworth F1 CA display engine. I believe this is the first time the engine has been displayed at a non-motorsports show. Previously pictures were not allowed so this might be one of the first pictures of the engine on the web. Anyhow, this is a 2006 spec display engine before the current re-tune for the 2010 season. I imagine there will be differences in the header design with the rev limiter being dropped to 18,000rpm from the 20,000rpm of 2006. I did not take a picture of the front. I wasn't actually planning on posting these images since I do not know officially if there is an embargo, but it will be displayed at SEMA at the Cosworth booth so I think my job is safe.

Notice the billet valve covers, spark plug cover and pump body. There are many billet machined parts on the CA engine. The air box is all carbon like many high end race engines are. The oil tank is also carbon, but is not seen in this picture. Just like any real deal race engine, the engine has a flat plane crank that allows the exhaust to be collected on each side.

Is this a header or what? Hand fabricated in inconel with two steps in diameter (three different diameter tubes), a big ass collector, and a super short secondary. I have never heard the CA in person myself, but I will bet a purple chip (I'm in Vegas remember) that you will enjoy the sound of it. I am curious how the re-tune for 18,000rpm will affect the header and engine design, but there's a good chance I'll never find out since everything F1 is super hush-hush. It's on a need to know basis and I sure as hell don't need to know.

The European race media is still calling the Cosworth CA 2010 spec a dog.  How on earth they know this I have no idea. They talk so much shit its like reading the National Enquirer, but I'm pretty sure Cosworth isn't going to sit on their ass and release the 2010 spec CA as a dog. 2010 F1 should be exciting with 5 teams (10 cars) so far signed up to be using the Cosworth CA.

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