Cosworth CA F1


I got some emails asking me what the Cosworth CA 2.4L V8 engine was/is/going to be. I’m sure the engineers at Cosworth UK will be detuning the engine a bit for lower cost and higher mileage, but in 2006 it was the highest revving and most powerful F1 engine at the time.


This is an old video, but in case you haven’t seen it check it out. I heard that by the end of the 2006 season, the CA actually saw 20,500rpm in competition.


Here’s a small image of it in it’s 2006 spec with billet valve covers, front cover, etc. There’s a show engine in our conference room, but pictures are not allowed. There are so many billet (machined from solid) parts on it, it just looks expensive sitting there. Anyhow, hope this helps to answer some questions. Hopefully the CA will get another crack at F1 competition.

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