CSF Introduces Drag & Tuck Radiator Lines

CSF Introduces Drag/Tuck Radiator Line


CSF is proud to announce the release of their King Cooler Ultimate Drag Race Radiator. Designed in particular for the sport compact drag racer, the CSF King Cooler is a great off the shelf solution for drag racing cooling needs.  The King Cooler is a good looking, lightweight, compact and efficient radiator.


The King Cooler Drag Radiator is a compact 10.5″ H x10.0″ L x 3.6″ W.  The radiator has an integral shroud that uses a low profile high flow Spal electric fan. The radiators overall thickness increases to only 5.65″ with the fan. The radiator's heat exchanger uses a 3.5″ two row core with CSF's exclusive B-Tube technology. B-Tubes are not just your typical radiator core, a B-Tube has the maximum amount of surface area to exchange heat.  A two row B-Tube is the equivalent of a 4 row conventional core. A B-Tube core is 15% more efficient than a conventional core of equal thickness.

The King Cooler is flexible with both 1.25″ hose bibs or -16 AN fittings for the inlet and outlet hoses. The King Cooler also comes with universal mounting brackets.  The King Cooler sports a hand polished mirror finish for great looks. Look for CSF Part Number 7065. The MAP pricing is $489 with limited availability. 

CSF would also like to announce their Rywire tuck radiator series developed in partnership with Rywire. Tuck radiators are developed for show cars and are designed to tuck completely under the core support to give the engine compartment a clean sleek look which compliments tucked wiring and plumbing. 

Rywire Tuck radiators feature racing inspired, 2.75″ thick, super efficient B-Tube cores for great cooling.  The radiators have TIG welded end tanks that are mirror polished. Tuck radiators come with CNC machined fan shrouds to mount low profile Spal electric fans, the ultimate to keep things clean and out of sight. The end tanks come with provisions for universal mounts to make installation fabricatorless simple. 

Rywire Tuck Radiators are installation flexible with both 1.25″ hose bibs or -16 AN fittings for the inlet and outlet hoses.  The radiators also have universal mounting brackets. Two sizes are available, the original (CSF # 8024) 24″L x 9″H x 2.75″T MSRP $425 and a new larger size (CSF ) 24″L x 12″H x 2.75″T MSRP $475. Fan options are 1 Fan $50 or 2 fans $100



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