CSF Summer Challenge 2014

CSF Summer Challenge 2014 

The CSF Cooling Challenge:
It’s summer time, and it’s getting hot out there! For motorsports enthusiasts, this is the time to address proper cooling for your vehicle if you haven’t already done so.

There are a lot of choices out there, and a lot of questions about which brand to choose and why. It’s time to see through the fake lifetime warranties, fake company names, and cheap Ebay knockoffs. Get something that is going to keep your engine running at optimal temperatures, even under the most demanding driving conditions and extreme ambient temperatures.  Make the right choice this summer, and get a CSF Radiator for your vehicle.

CSF is so confident that we make the best “Drop-in fit” cooling systems in the world, that we are challenging any and all manufacturers around the world to a COOL DOWN!! 

We don’t care if your company is the top dog from Japan with a $2,000 premium price tag, or a US manufacturer of NASCAR radiators selling direct replacement models as well. You could be an Ebay brand, fake authentic company touting your 3 row radiators, or a pricy European company who wants to get in on the challenge… No problem, CSF will take on all comers!! 



CSF has teamed up with MotoIQ.com, the authority in independent, unbiased, and thorough testing & validation for high performance aftermarket parts to conduct the challenge. 

  • All competitors must offer a comparable unit at no cost to MotoIQ for their independent testing. 
  • Thickness or flow pattern of the core does not matter as long as the unit is a “direct-fit which involves no modifications to the cooling system or components (i.e fan shroud, hoses, etc) to install. 
  • AC condenser can’t be deleted. 
  • Any unit submitted must be regularly available for sale in the aftermarket, and can not be a special ordered item. 
  • Must be listed on companies website at time of submission. 



CSF will offer any of the following applications (radiators & oil coolers) to MotoIQ.com for independent testing against any competition:


92-00 Honda Civic(CSF )$209.00
94-01 Acura Integra(CSF )$249.00
00-10 S2000(CSF )$319.00
K-Swap Full Size Radiator(CSF K)$359.00
Honda Truck Radiator(CSF )$349.00
02-07 WRX/STI(CSF )$319.00
08-14 WRX/STI(CSF )$359.00
2013+ Subaru BRZ(CSF )$269.00
89-94 240sx (KA Engine)(CSF )$249.00
95-98 240sx (KA Engine)(CSF )$269.00
03-06 350z(CSF )$309.00
07-08 350z(CSF )$319.00
03-07 G35(CSF )$329.00
08-14 370z/G37(CSF T)$599.00
08-15 GT-R(CSF )$499.00
04-14 Titan(CSF )$399.00
2013+ FR-S(CSF )$269.00
E36 M3(CSF )$269.00
E46 M3(CSF )$499.00
E9x M3 Oil Cooler(CSF )$895.00
89-97 Miata(CSF )$349.00
98-05 Miata(CSF )$349.00
04-08 RX-8(CSF )$269.00
02-07 Cooper S (R53)(CSF )$309.00
08-11 Evolution X(CSF )$319.00
10-12 Camaro SS(CSF )$499.00
10-12 Genesis 2.0T(CSF )$319.00
05-14 Mustang(CSF )$499.00
08-10 Super Duty Powerstroke Diesel(CSF )$749.00


Deadline for Submission:

MotoIQ will take submissions until August 22nd – Testing will begin at the beginning of September


Testing Procedures:

Cooling effiency will be measured on and off track. The off track test will consist of monitoring and logging water temperatures before and after the radiator while also monitoring and logging ambient air temperatures. Off track tests will be performed by MotoIQ staff on the MotoIQ dyno. On track tests will also consist of monitoring water temperatures before and after the radiator while also monitoring and logging ambient air temperatures.



CSF is COOL enough, are you? If you think you are contact nick (at) MotoIQ (dot) com to apply for the CSF Summer Challenge. 

For more information on CSF’s complete line of the world’s best cooling systems – please visit: www.CSFrace.com





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