DeatschWerks Offers New High Flow Ecoboost GDI Fuel Injector

DeatschWerks Offers New High Flow Ecoboost GDI Fuel Injector

Industry Press Release

DeatschWerks is announcing the release of its first high flow fuel injector for a Gasoline Direct Injection application. This release is the first significant GDI injector offering in the automotive high performance aftermarket.

The Injector – The HDEV1700 is a drop-in fitment for many applications, which utilize the Bosch HDEV5 injector platform. This includes the popular 2.0L, 2.3L and 3.5L Ford EcoBoost engines.  The new injector flows 1700cc/min at 100 bar of fuel pressure which is more than a 30% increase in flow over the stock EcoBoost injectors.  The patent-pending process used in this injector allows for increased flow while retaining the OE spray pattern, which maximizes fuel economy, emissions, and drivability.

Tuning Data – Being a brand new injector platform to the high performance aftermarket, it was vitally important to provide not only a great product, but to support it with great tuning data.  DW collaborated with SCT, the leader in EcoBoost tuning systems, to develop injector calibrations for the HDEV1700.   Calibration Specialist Matt Alderman of SCT developed value files for the injector in the 2.0L Focus ST, 2.3L Mustang, and 3.5L F150. 

“The new DW HDEV1700 is as easy as tuning an OE injector. I was able to maintain the factory drivability and fuel economy. The SCT value files for these injectors can save a lot of time when tuning” – Matt Alderman, SCT

Proven Performance – In addition to the hundreds of hours of bench testing, dyno testing, and street testing, the new GDI injector has also been proven at the track.  The HDEV1700 has been proven in BG Racing’s world’s fastest 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang.  BG Racing combined 1000cc DW port injectors with HDEV1700 injectors to fuel a 10.9 second quarter mile pass.

About DeatschWerks:

DeatschWerks (DW) is a manufacturer and supplier of premium aftermarket performance fuel injectors and fuel pumps to wholesalers, dealers and at the retail level.  DW provides application-specific fueling solutions – products designed to install directly into the vehicle with no modifications necessary.  DeatschWerks product lines serve more than 100 vehicle models in both the import and domestic markets.

DeatschWerks prides itself on industry-leading quality, innovation and meeting our customers’ needs.  Established in 2005, the company is privately owned and operates out of Oklahoma City, OK.  For more information about DeatschWerks, visit our website at


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