So my buddy Mike Ferrara from D-Sport Magazine bought a boat. Yes, the magazine with the Westminister Vietnamese coffee house chicks on the cover every month. Wow, the magazine business MUST be good. Mike is probably one of the hardest working old dudes (36) I know so he deserves it. The good thing is that he's my friend…hahah. Yes, that means I get to occasionally go fishing with M&M (Mike and his girlfriend Mitsuko). He named the boat DEEP SPORT. Rather appropriate don't you think?


So we took off early last Sunday morning at 4:30am in an attempt to go to Catalina Island and catch some yellowtail. It turned out to be a beautiful day despite the morning overcast. To make a long story short, we didn't catch any yellowtail. I caught a piece of shit small ass fish (I forgot what kind it was as I'm not an avid fisherman) and threw it back in the water. As it turns out, only the girls caught fish. You had to be a Japanese female to catch fish that day or something. Anyway, we caught some Kelp bass that Mitsuko's mom cooked up when we got back. It tasted DAMN good so it made the trip well worth it.


We cruised back a little late so we caught the high tides. It was a rough ride home, but it was fun. I think we got some air a couple times and it felt like Magic Mountain. Mike takes good care of his shit so we all scrubbed the decks and polished all the stainless when we got back. Good times.



26 foot Skipjack fishing boat. It cost a grip and is pretty damn dope.



So it turns out that boat engines are pretty similar to our tuning engines or at least in the components they use. This is the Volvo Penta diesel straight 6. 4.7 liters of supercharged AND turbocharged fury. It uses an Ogura supercharger (yes the same company that makes racing clutches) and a KKK racist turbo. Instant response, baby. I think it's time to start making boat engine parts. Fuck this Japanese car bullshit with all the cheap ass Chinaman shit coming to the market that some of YOU CHEAP ASS MOTHER_UCKERS buy all the time. You all know who you are. Burn in hell.



Mitsuko was the crazy fish killer. Evertime somebody caught a fish, she was all over it and wanted to bleed it so the blood wouldn't coagulate when the fish was sitting in ice. It was only an excuse to KILL. Don't piss her off. Seriously.





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