Dirty Drifiting 2009

Eddie @ Dynamic sent me a link to this video of his drift cars. The Apexi FD is actually owned by Apexi, but is part of the Hankook team. Those three chicks are wearing black vinyl condoms in the scorching sun too with Shyla Stylez the porn star = nice. The video might try to be a little dramatic, but at least there’s no pointless water balloon and fluorescent bulb shattering.

BTW, congrats to Ryuji Miki and Apexi for finished 2nd at the Formula D event in Las Vegas last weekend. Ryuji likes the extra 40whp I gave him the last time I tuned the FD too, but now he wants MORE. I just had ramen at lunch today with Darren from Apexi regarding MORE POWER. Good stuff.

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