Driftspeed S14 Crash @ Formula D Chicago

Koji from Driftspeed sent me an email with some pics of their crashed S14 at the Chicago Formula D event. It always sucks to see a built car crashed because if you've built any cars, you know that there is a lot of time, effort and $$$ that goes into building any kind of race car. Anyhow, as quoted from Koji's email, “[This happened in] Chicago in D1 practice. They said there is a big dip right at first transition area that made rear wheel in air (70-80mph) and when it landed the car shot right into the wall.”

OUCH…I'm not sure if it was suspension setup, driver fault, or event coordinators overlooking a big dip in the track surface, but I'd be pissed either way if I owned that car. The good thing about building another race car is that you get to put everything you learned from the first car into the next making it better the second time around. I worked with Koji for 7 years back at XS Engineering so I know the next car will be better if he gets his way.

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