Driftworks S15 With 2JZ

Last month, Gertjan sent me an email with a link to the Driftworks site that shows the build of their EDC (European Drift Championship) S15. The car was built in the UK from the ground up with a lot of fabrication by the Driftworks guys. From the pictures the car looks pretty damn nice. I’d like to check it out in person one of these days. The great thing about fabricated race cars is that no two are the same. Everybody has their own way of doing it. Some cars turn out like total shit (take a look at the American drift tryout/licensing circuit for some prime examples of shit race cars) and some cars turn out mint like this one. Check it out:

How’s that for a tunnel?

Here’s the underside of the new engine/trans tunnel built from tube and sheet.

Clearance for the intake plenum on the LH front wheel well. No hammering here.

Hand fabricated uprights.

A proper cage.

A proper V-mount intercooler.

Looking mean as hell. The Vertex Ridge widebody and color scheme looks pretty damn good.

Here’s a good peek at the fuel system and rear suspension.

Is that engine moved back or what? This car would not qualify for Formula D or D1 due to firewall alterations, but my guess is that the EDC doesn’t care. The Garrett GT4088 turbo with 1.06a/r turbine housing should to the job, albeit a bit laggy. They were originally going to use a GT35R which would be a better choice for drifting (my opinion). I didn’t see what ECU they were using, but it looks like they were having some issues with it and Toyota sensors. It was probably an ____ EMS. I guess the engine is going back together after some mishap on the dyno. Regardless, I wish Driftworks good luck. The amount of hours in this car must be ridiculous. Good job guys!

To check out the car, check this out: Driftworks forum.

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