Driver Profile: Erika Detota


Erika Detota
       Erika wrenching prior to an event.


Random Questions

What was your first car? 1984 Toyota Tercel (TOTAL HOTNESS!!!)

What is your dream car?

Ok this may be strange to most people because it is so seemingly attainable. But I spend all my hard earned dough on rally so… I have always wanted a Supra, so bad!

What is your Daily? I don’t have a daily driver.

I have a 2004 Suzuki GS500 and take a train to Manhattan for work.

What would be your last meal?  Oh death by chocolate, dark chocolate!

What type of music gets you pumped up to race?

Ha! The same silly punk I used to listen to when going snowboarding. One song in particular that comes to mind is “Heaven Is Falling” by Bad Religion.

Erika Detota
Erika's first rally, STPR with Eric Hansen.


What is the most gnarly thing you've ever done, in or out of a car?

In a car- I fell asleep once and spun on the highway somehow escaping any damage and just kept going. I have damaged my rally car loads and even spun while racing but somehow waking up in a spin has stayed with me as a really scary moment in my life.

What do you do for your 9-5?

I am a handbag designer in New York City – which seems rather strange to most people. I also get my hands in marketing and motorsports anytime I possibly can.

What type of hobbies do you have outside of racing?

Not much time for other hobbies but I have tons! I love nature, riding my motorcycle, doing yoga and painting. I like wine and traveling, especially if I can see some racing.

What type of pets do you have currently?  None

erika Detota
At the finish of Prescott Rally in Arizona where Erika won the 2010 2WD USRC Championship.


When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

My mom is a total realist, so I guess I never really had this whole… blah, blah, when I grow up I want to be something seemingly unattainable. But I have always loved art and have a Bachelor of Fine arts, so starving artist was my path until I found racing.

Do you follow other racing series? If so, which ones?

I have a few friends who race in SCCA, Steph Belski in the Honda Challenge and Amy Dilks. I love following their races to see them grow as drivers. I also recently started following the US Gazelle team race Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles a race across 1500 miles of Moroccan Deserts.

MotoIQ would like to say a big, “Thank You!” for doing this interview with us. Is there anyone that you'd like to say, “Thank You,” to?

FlatOut Promotions who helps me with my marketing and awareness, Ian from Big Boulder, my crew who donate their time to help me and all my friends and family for their support. And you, Amanda from FRN for your active coverage of women in motorsports. You are doing an awesome job!

Erika detota Subaru Imprezza
 Erika at Rally NY USA . Travis Hanson was her co-driver and gave her some valuable asphalt tips.


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