Driving Impressions: The CXC Simulator!


Of course, everyone knows who Vaughn Gittin Jr is.  I can tell because he is wearing Monster and Ford stuff and is shorter than Ken Block.  It was looking like there were some serious drivers here… 

JRod announced that the Pro race was about to start.  I was getting ready to root for the monster truck guy but instead CXC's PR dude wrangled me into a private room to try out one of the simulators in a setting where I could have a little time with it.

I decided to study some tech info in the room while waiting for my for my turn at the big guy deluxe simulator. The stuff there was sort of light on details. 
This guy, I think his name was Fred something was in front of me in line. Fred was pretty fast. he said he was a Norwegian rally driver but his English was much too good. Perhaps he worked for the CIA or something cool and this was his cover.
So I wanted a track I was used to and picked Willow Springs. I was pretty pleased as no game or sim that I know of has Big Willow and I have thousands of laps around here. I can usually be within 0-1.5 seconds of a good pro driver in a similar car at Big Willow.  I have more laps around here than any other track.  This would be a great test of how good the sim is!

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