Enkei Wheels – GIVEAWAY!


Any F1 McLaren fans on here?  Check out our next giveaway!!  No they’re not tickets to the F1 race. When F1 came to Canada this year (6/13/2010) they gave Enkei these cool vip wallets.  The VIP pass to the race is NOT valid unless you have time traveling powers – but still a cool souvenir.

Enkei has 2!!  First they need to get to 5,300 LIKES/Fans on their Facebook page and they’ll give one away!  More details to come after we help them hit their first goal.  Visit the Enkei Facebook page by clicking any of the images and please suggest it to your friends, family, pets, etc!


Enkei Wheels is the official wheel supplier to the Vodafone McLaren F1 team!



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