Event Coverage: 2016 Indianapolis 500 Presented by PennGrade Oil


There were so many people crammed in that we had a hell of a time getting a shot of Rossi climbing out of his car.  I can't blame the crew.  They earned the right to celebrate.
There's always room for milk when you've just won the Indianpolis 500.  Indiana's milk farmers gave out free bottles to all the fans.  The team had a few and after they had their swig, they all ended up on Rossi's head.
The best most delicious bricks you'll ever taste.  Sure this is a NASCAR tradition, but it's one the open wheel boys have adopted.
Bryan Herta and Michael Andretti flank Rossi as they celebrate their come from behind win.
Kids and their damn selfies…
Not everyone was celebrating.  Newgarden was very gracious, but obviousy deflated.  He ended up third after spending all day near the top.  A good result, but as the saying goes, nobody remembers second at Indy.  Munoz ended up second and was in disbelief that his teammate could go the distance with a nearly identical car.
Needless to say, this was the happiest fan at the track.  (Side note, she ended up getting invited to meet Rossi and his car because of that banner)  But the happiest man of all was Rossi himself.  Some might say his win was a fluke and that he was just lucky.  Well if you've been reading along, you know damn well he earned every bit of his win.  Rossi was fast all day long, learning on the fly when he needed to.  He drove an expert race, squeezing out every last drop of fuel he could, even when all hope seemed lost.  When he got kicked down by bad luck, he got up and trudged his way forward.  That is the American way.  That, is the way of the Indianapolis 500.

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