Evolution of the Turbo SE-R III


Turbo Exhaust Housing Bracket
The exhaust housing bracket along with the collector bracket shown on the previous page prevent cracking.  This setup has held together with no issues for over 10 years.

For our tall order we also contacted Mike Kojima who provided the technical input to F-Max on the first big Turbo SE-R (SCC Project Ultimate SE-R). Mike had been waiting for such a project to get started and we were more than eager to see what innovations he had in mind. When it came to design specifics Mike asked us “How does an all stainless, equal length, quarter wave tuned, merged collector turbo system that still lets you keep the A/C, EGR and P/S sound?” We said, “Uh, yeah that sounds fast!” It was definitely time to crack open the book on thermal dynamics.

Stainless Tubular Manifold
Like the big hole in the block on our manifold mockup?

Quarter wave tuning uses the pulse energy of the exhaust stream to help expel exhaust gases quicker from the cylinder. This wave tuning or pulse energy also aids in the spool of the turbo. We could have gone really crazy with the fabrication trying to optimize the pulse of the exhaust gasses to the turbine but this car will mostly be street driven and we opted to keep the A/C and power steering. This system will still be quite a breakthrough in terms of what's currently available. We'll have to get the car on the dynojet to know how much better it actually is.

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