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Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park

We got an email this weekend from Thomas Malloy, the main man behind the new Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park which is proposed to be constructed just northwest of Lancaster in L.A. County.  Malloy is pleased to announce their new website which they recently launched at www.fairmontbuttemotorsportspark.com.  There you'll find more info on the proposed location, track maps, rendered photos of what they want the place to look like, and most importantly how you can help get this place built! 

If you've seen our older articles on the subject, you know that Thomas and company have got some environmentalists trying to block development and they need our help!  Apparently everyone's emails and support have been a big help, but every email/letter counts and they've got another public hearing coming up on February 6th!  So check out the site and if you can spare a few minutes write a letter to the County!  

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