Feature Car: Edik Stepanyan’s DA-Chassis Acura Integra


Edik Stepanyan DA Integra
Now, time to get to the part I will enjoy most about the cars I feature. It is the background or story of how the car actually came to be. In Edik Stepanyan and his DA Acura Integra's case, it was originally built to be an Inproved Touring A (ITA) car that would compete with any sanctioning body that used Improved Touring rules.
Edik Stepanyan DA Integra
Edik would later find that Honda Challenge would fit his tastes and started the car in H4, which had a ruleset similar to ITA. After that become boring, he stepped all the way up into H2. H2 would allow more modifications and faster speeds.
Edik Stepanyan DA Integra
It wasn't until last year that Edik found MPTCC. He liked the near openness of the rules and the faster speeds the cars were capable of. Tuner Under is where the car currently competes.
Edik Stepanyan DA Integra
The other neat part is that this car is built by Edik and his family. It was built in his father's garage and everything from modification to track preparation for the car was and still is done there.
Edik Stepanyan DA IntegraEdik Stepanyan Family
It's a family effort, too. It's not unusual to see Edik's family members working on the car. They are his crew and there is no better volunteer crew than your loved ones.
Edik Stepanyan DA IntegraEdik Stepanyan Family
The other part that I feel will interest everyone is how attainable this car really is. It is a DA Acura Integra, it's nowhere close to the latest and greatest. Anyone can pick up one of these cars for not much money. The modifications to the car are all something that someone with some, not a lot, of power tools and some know how could replicate. It's also a great example of how when you maintain a car, even a race car, it can last you for years. If you choose the right things to keep and the right things to modify, it is not hard to maintain or repair. When I look at some of the cars it is competing against, and not, it is amazing that this car is as fast as it is. Then again, after getting down and investigating this DA Integra, it doesn't really surprise me at all anymore. So long as you take the rules into consideration and run them at their maximums, you can make a fast car without much money. Edik Stepanyan, I feel, has proved that at least twice; Buttonwillow and Fontana.


Edik Stepanyan would like to thank his family for helping him make this car come together  along with the following sponsors:


JE Pistons

Sav-On Driving and Traffic School



Mirage Auto Body

Turbo Joe Tuning

 You can also keep up with Edik Stepanyan on his Facebook Page!

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