Located just minutes from Honda's North American headquarters in a building of which the likes of those with cameras are discouraged form capturing its exterior, the company's private collection remains just that—private. Even the majority of the company's employees haven't been inside, albeit mostly due to logistics and staffing issues. When asked if the collection will someday be made public, Heath simply says, “I hope so.” 


The four-stroke, single-side-valve 1962 Cuby engine was used by American Honda service staff primarily for small engine motorcycle vocational training. Roughly 800 of what Honda called its promotional toys were made available to dealerships for $15 each. Before all of that, though, Cuby engines were used at Japan's Tama Tech Center where they were disassembled and reassembled in an effort to teach children the inner workings of the internal combustion process. 
Posters, archived magazine advertisements, and all manner of Honda obscurity line the museum's walls.

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