Finding Nemo


Andrew Brilliant had this to say “The rules had been slightly changed in 2010, allowing the Revolution RX7 to be classified as legal.  WTAC’s regs said no tube frame cars were allowed and once that line was removed, it seemed the doors were now open.  We walked right in.”



After 2012, the regulations were then changed to restrict removal of the B-pillar and floor pan.  It seemed that only Nemo would be affected by this as Revolution had retired their car. In Nemo’s case, the factory floor pan went right through the underbody tunnels.

According to Andrew that was the “centerpiece of the design.”  This was along with a minimum weight.  The aero regs meant a lot of work had to be done to make Nemo comply.

The spirit is something that many people value and we appreciate the regulation changes.  Unfortunately once it was realized things had gotten out of hand, it seemed there was no way to pull them back in without hurting Nemo.  The car was designed for a set of regulations that no longer existed.  We lay some faith in WTAC, they have done something extraordinary that I think we’ve all come to love and the event has been a huge success in the years since.

With the new minimum weight, Nemo’s claimed weight would be too low, but with some digging we discovered there was more to the story. Leigh Geyer of MR Tuning told us:  “the car was over 1160kg with driver.”

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