First Draft of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Rules!



8.3 Appearance

8.3.1 All cars are required to display at least four official MPTCC racing stickers. One shall be placed on the front, one shall be placed on each side and one shall be placed on the rear of the vehicle.  A MPTCC windshield banner must be used.

8.3.2 Series sponsor decals or stickers may be required as the series progresses.

8.3.3 The driver’s last name, or first initial and last name, must be displayed on the bottom right section of the windshield or on the side window in at least 4” letters.

8.3.4 Car numbers must be obtained by contacting the MPTCC Directors and must be displayed per the Redline Time Attack rules.

8.3.5 It is recommended that drivers post their minimum weight in 2” numbers on the driver’s side of their windshield to assist impound inspections.

8.4 Impound

The top three finishing drivers must proceed to impound immediately after the race and qualifying sessions. Failure to do so may result in penalties being imposed on the driver. If in doubt about finishing position, the vehicle and driver should report to impound. It is purely the driver’s responsibility to report to impound with the vehicle and vehicle’s logbook at the proper time.  At the option of the Series Director, Impound may be waived.

8.5 Non-compliance/Cheating

Cheating and non-compliance will not be welcome and will receive harsh penalties including loss of points, probation or suspension.  While on probation, the driver’s prizes will be withheld until the end of each season. If a driver completes a two-year probation period successfully, he/she will be reinstated. In any case, a disqualification or suspension will result in a zero-points race(s) that cannot be dropped.

8.6 Appeals

Any decision by any MPTCC or Redline Time Attack officials during an event may be appealed per the procedures set forth in the Redline Time Attack Rules.

8.7 Non-conforming Equipment/Equipment Certification

The MPTCC National Director must approve any equipment that does not conform to the MPTCC Rules in advance. For consideration, approval must be made in writing sixty days prior to the date of competition.  After receiving the petition, the National Director will make a formal announcement of the petition and must rule on the petition within 30 days.  The remaining 30 days after ruling will allow other competitors to evaluate newly approved equipment before competition.

9 On Course Conduct

Any driver displaying rough, negligent, or unsportsmanlike conduct will receive harsh penalties, which may include loss of points, suspension and/or fines.

10 Scoring

10.1 Points Structure


10.2 Team Scoring


10.3 Lap Records


Redline Time Attack

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