Fontana Nissan 350z Build

Fontana Nissan Racing put up some pics and text of the build of their Grand Am/Time Attack 350Z. It includes the build of their engine which includes a Cosworth 3.8L VQ35 stroker. For the link to their blog, check out my left navigation bar (I feel lazy today). Click here for the FONTANA NISSAN RACING TECHNICAL CORNER. They cover the in house build of the Cosworth 3.8L VQ bottom end, the chassis, and custom body panels. Chris and Jackson also developed the intake plenum and headers on their own, but they aren’t going to tell you all of their secrets. Jackson and his crew have been building race cars since…uh probably around the time I was born so read the page and learn. It’s great to see more Japanese unibody race cars being built in the USA. Good stuff.

Mike Cronin Jr. revs the Cosworth VQ stroker bottom end to 8800rpm with dry sump oiling. Chris developed the heads in house using the Nismo head castings so their compression ratio works out to just over 13.0:1. The base engine is a VQ35DE, but does not use variable cam timing.

While the car does run in the Redline Time Attack Unlimited 2WD class, it is actually built to restrictive Grand Am rules. This includes limitations such as minimum weight requirement, homologated engine (or soon to be), suspension pickup points, etc. It is the only normally aspirated car running with the fast guys.

All body work was done in house too. You 350z owners should bother Fontana Nissan for the wide fenders because they look damn good.

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