Formula D Irwindale: Behind the Lens



Chris Forsburg and 2012 Champion Daigo Saito keeping close proximety to each other starting from the first bank and throughout the entire run.

The first battle up was Chris Forsberg and Daigo Saito which would determine Michael Essa's championship fate. After an intense battle, Forsberg lost to Saito which resulted in Michael Essa being crowned the new champion of the 2013 season on the 10th anniversary of Formula Drift.


During downtime, we media folk tend to get just a little rowdy while waiting for the next set of runs to begin, all in good fun and awesome way to pass the time.

Of course this event wouldn’t be complete without some of the fun and goofing around in the media pit with some of the funniest people I know. “dancing” around, potty mouth jokes, and of course getting on the jumbo screen with our own take on Jarrod’s wave.

All of the Top 16 competitors let loose and everything hang out, so much so that we close the season out with Tyler Mcquarrie kissing the wall. Thankfully just his car suffered damage and he was fine.

Hands down, the best run of the entire season was between Achilles Tire teamates Robbie Nishida and Daigo Saito with their literal door to door run that left everyone in the stadium cheering for more and an eventual one more time.

The best battle of the night and of the entire season in my opinion was between Daigo Saito and his Achilles Tire teammate Robbie Nishida. They took a page out of the D1 book and demonstrated a jaw dropping set that left the crowd screaming for more and many of us media completely stunned by their skill.

Forrest Wang overwhelmed with happiness when he recieves his first podium of the season and Formula Drift career; with steady and consitent progress, we will be seeing more podiums from this talented driver.

The evening wrapped with the final podium handing out the carbon fiber trophies to the winners of round 7 which included first time podium winner Forrest Wang. Michael Essa was soon called up to receive the large silver trophy after a long fought road to the 1st place spot of the year with 555.50 points.


Michael Essa receiving the hard fought for silver trophy and is officially the 10th season champion of Formula Drift.

Big smooches from Essa's biggest fan and supporter, Ashley.



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