Formula D Round 3: Palm Beach International Raceway


In 1981, new owner, Dick Moroso, of Moroso Racing Parts fame bought the track and renamed it to Moroso Motorsports Park. In 1982, the track saw it’ next major upgrade in order to host the SCCA Trans-Am Series. Under the Moroso name, the track saw National and Regional SCCA races, and IHRA and NHRA Special Events including the “Super Chevy Show.” Sadly, in 1998, Dick Moroso lost his life to brain cancer, but the family was able to keep the facility going. After his death, MTV used the facility for a drag racing documentary in 2002 and Speed Channel’s “Pinks” held an episode there in 2007.

Dick Moroso
SEMA Hall Of Fame member Dick Moroso, founder of Moroso Racing Parts.
Dick Moroso's Corvette Drag Car
Dick Moroso drove a ’61 Chevrolet Corvette in C/Modified Production and D/Modified Sport Production classes and held both IHRA and NHRA records for years.  In NHRA, he held the record for C/MP with a 1/4 mile time of 12.12  and D/MSP with 12.79 seconds. He also held the speed record in D/MSP with 109.22 MPH.
Moroso Motosports Park
For Years, this was the design of Moroso Motorsports Park and Palm Beach International Raceway until…


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