Formula Drift Championship: Who Will Take It All?
Fomula Drift 2012 Championship

Formula Drift Championship 2012: Who Will Take It All?
By Justin Banner

We had one hell of a year, but it isn't quite over yet! We're approaching Irwindale and it looks like whoever comes away with the win will pretty much lock up the championship. So, who has the best record at Irwindale and, in that regard, who has the best chance of locking up the 2012 Formula Drift Championship at the end of the night? Let's run down the Top 5 and base their potential on Irwindale Performance since 2007!

Daijiro Yoshihara
Without much choice, we must start with 2011's defending champion, Daijiro Yoshihara. He's currently in 5th in points and had a strong start to the season. His best result at Irwindale was a Third Place podium and his worst was last year with only a Top 32 appearance. Dai's point average has been a 54.2, which puts him 5 of 5 in Irwindale/Oval averages. It doesn't look good for the past champion, but don't count out his spirit!
Justin Pawlak
Justin “JTP” Pawlak is sitting 4th in points despite a great start to the 2012 season. His high point in Irindale appearances was a Podium Finish, just as Daijiro, but his worst Finish was a Top 16 with 54 Points. He's had two 61 point finishes for the past two years and his average is 63.5, the second best in the Top 5 in points. He's also got a reason to finish higher this year since he just missed out last year due to a Top 16 finish in 2011.
Rhys Millen
Old Man on the Mountain, Rhys Millen is sitting pretty in Third Place after coming back from a 6th place standing at Las Vegas. He is within striking distance of the 2012 Championship, but his worst points was a 48 in 2009. He has scored as high at 2nd place in 2011, too, so he can't be counted out just yet. His average points is a 61, which puts him with the 4th best points average at Irwindale. His finishes at Irwindale have gotten better since 2009, too.


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