Fuel Safe de-aerating Swirl Pot/Collector


Fuel Safe De-Aerating Swirl Pot/Collector


For more than 30 years Fuel Safe Systems has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance safety Fuel Cells for the motorsports community.  Continuing its history of innovation, Fuel Safe has designed a de-aerating Swirl Pot/ Collector (part number SPE) whose design insures an uninterrupted and continuous supply of fuel to the engine. 



Our Swirl Pot incorporates a swirl inducing geometry along with internal baffles to insure a clean fully De-aerated fuel stream.  The  pot is TIG welded aircraft grade aluminum and fully anodized with four(4) -8 AN fittings: two (2) for incoming fuel, one fuel outlet and one fuel overflow fitting that evacuates the air while routing excess fuel back to your Fuel Safe Racing Cell. The cone shaped top insures any trapped air returns to the cell.  Supplied with the unit is an anodized aluminum mounting bracket that allows the Pot to be mounted on any vertical surface, of course the pot can also be mounted to any horizontal surface via the four (4) integral mounting tabs located on the bottom plate. Also available is our internal swirl pot which incorporates many of the same features as our externally mounted unit but is plate mounted inside the cell, this space saving design puts all the parts in the cell.  Ideal for use in all forms of racing including drift, time attack and rally cross the Fuel Safe Swirl Pot ensures your engine will perform under the most extreme conditions. 



For more information on Fuel Safe's new de-aerating Swirl Pot/ Collector and the rest of their safety and performance products visit them at www.fuelsafe.com or give them a call at 800-433-6524.



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