G37 Oil Cooler & Transmission Cooler

Stillen transmission coolder

For cooling the automatic transmission cars, Stillen utilizes a Setrab core and is mounted with their vehicle specific mounting plate just like the oil cooler (Part #: 400740).  The transmission cooler is designed to be installed inline with the factory transmission cooler located inside of the radiator.  The flow path for the transmission fluid is hot fluid exits the transmission, goes into the radiator, then out of the radiator and into the Stillen cooler, out of the Stillen cooler and back to the transmission.  Just like the oil cooler, all the self tapping screws for installing the mounting plate, grommets, hose and hose clamps are included.

To perform the work we took our car to Meet Your Mechanic. Shop owner Louie Combs is one of the nicest and most thorough mechanics you’ll ever meet. Here Louie drills the hole to relocate our power steering cooler to make room for the Stillen oil and transmission coolers.
All the hardware to relocate the power steering cooler is supplied in Stillen’s oil cooler kit.

For installation, we took the front bumper off the car and spent the majority of our time getting both coolers located in the exact position we wanted.  We marked the locations and used the self tapping screws to install both brackets for the oil and transmission cooler. With the brackets mounted – oil cooler on passenger side, transmission cooler on drivers side – we installed the coolers to the brackets and began routing both sets of hoses.

We test fitted the coolers before hooking up any of the lines and tapping into the oily stuff.

With the hoses plumbed and routed we needed to tap into the oil to get a reading for our new Autometer Elite series gauge (Product # 5640).  We tapped into the hot pressure side of oil at the sandwich plate adapter with a couple of Earl’s A/N fittings from Holley.  We used a -8 A/N male to male adapter (part # 400196) with an ⅛” NPT fitting for our oil temp sender and a -8 A/N female swivel (part # 415108-BL) to hook back into our oil cooling system.

These Earl’s -8 AN fittings allowed us to tap into the hot oil side for our temperature sender.


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