G37 Vortech V3 SI Supercharger

The Vortech V3 SI supercharger is available with either oil fed or self contained lubrication. You can either feed engine oil to the supercharger or use Vortech’s supercharger oil for lubricating the gear case.  The self contained oiling system does not require supercharger removal when changing the oil.  Vortech supplies a drain line for servicing.  The V3-SI uses helical (3.61:1 ratio) gears to cut down noise from the gears.  The idea of a loud supercharger may seem appealing but it will draw unwanted attention and be fatiguing.

Our decision and your choice

Choice one is sticking with the out of the box Stillen supercharger system.  It has CARB approval, a warranty and turns the car into the boosted car we all wanted from the factory.  Choice two is the mad scientist build. We sourced another aftermarket parts supplier (Soho Motorsports) that took what Stillen did to make a stage 2.

  • As stated we are upgrading the supercharger from the V3-Sci to the V3-Si (part #2F229-101) headunit from Vortech.
  • We are adding the Stillen supercharger intake manifold, bracketry, supercharger pulley and the associated  bolts and clamps.
  • The Soho Motorsports air to air intercooler upgrade. It converts the Stillen intake manifold to an air to air intercooler with the supplied brackets and mandrel bent piping.
  • A CJ Motorsports S1.SE fuel system complete with the fuel filter, hoses, fuel pressure regulator and return system. This system accepts a few choices of fuel pumps depending on the build.  It also includes revised fuel rails for easier installation with the Stillen supercharger intake manifold.
  • Injector Dynamics 1050x injectors providing enough fueling to 700hp

We will detail all these additional components in  future articles.  Since we’re not purchasing a complete kit from one manufacturer it means we’ll have the task of making sure we’ve got all the components when it comes time to install all these parts.  We plan on using each vendor’s parts list as a template to verify we have the necessary components.  We’re off with the boss’ credit card to buy parts and get them on the car before he finds out.





  1. Superchargers are just so neat, and not as popular as turbo charging as of late… Why is that? We need more article/project cars with superchargers. Looking forward to updates!

    I personally would like to see an article with some sort of LSx powered drift car with one. Setups with air to water intercoolers, as well as some of the big block setups pushing 1000HP e.g. big iron drag cars.

    1. Glad you liked the article! I’m looking forward to making more progress.

      Our experience and exposure to various forced induction builds of course is subjective. There are a lot of reasons I chose to go down this particular path. The primary reason is that it was a proven path many had gone down before. I’ve gone down the other not traveled path and ran into headaches I didn’t want to deal with this time Turbo Sentra SE-R.

      There has been enough learned since the time the original Stillen supercharger kit was developed to make some various upgrades like the supercharger compressor and air to air intercooler that seemed really interesting to me personally. I could have had similar discoveries down the turbo-charging path as well. There are a lot of forced induction options for the VQ37VHR just like there are for the LS motor. I was also drawn to the low noise of the Vortech V3-SI supercharger because of the low noise and the turbo-charger like peak efficiency.

      I’m not trying to be evasive but you can build a turbo or supercharger setup to build power down low in the RPM range or up high if your shooting for huge power numbers. Again it’s a subjective choice. I was trying to find that sweet middle ground given that I’m forced to use 91 octane pump gas and I’m pretty much maxed out on a 10.5 inch rear tire to put that power down.

      I’m not an engineer but generally speaking drift cars spend a lot of time at high RPM’s where turbo chargers are really spinning and make the most sense with all those exhaust gasses flowing. Those ‘big iron’ drag cars need to make immediate power off the line and that’s where those roots blowers really shine.

    2. I don’t really like them for drift cars, not enough bottom end. Everyone who runs them in FD also has to run nitrous to improve the bottom end.

      1. I feel centrifugal superchargers are much more suited for Renesis engines due to their aversion to backpressure and how choked the side exhaust ports are in general. Whereas it’s as if the old school 13B (non-Renesis) rotaries w/ their peripheral exhaust ports were made to be married w/ a turbo.

  2. How come I rarely see any Rotrex builds? I love centrifugal supercharger but most builds I see that utilise them use a Vortech. Not knocking on Vortech of anything, I just wanna see a build employ Rotrex’s largest s/c; the C38R-112.

    1. I’m more of an occasional lurker on the 370z forums only going there when I need to. I did read a few threads in my research phase about a company named GTM that was using a Rotrex centrifugal supercharger. It seems there was some trouble with customers getting their kits built or maybe it was just people on the internet complaining. Sorry I can’t be more helpful but I’d rather not insert myself in other’s battles.

      The three companies I looked at that offered air to air intercooler kits for supercharging the VQ37VHR all use the vortech supercharger. I went with Vortech since it has been done many times before both with these air to air supercharging systems and the Stillen air to water supercharger kit.

  3. Hmm, I guess it mostly just comes down to the availability of kits for the application in question, which Vortech seems to have the advantage in that regard. That’s a shame cuz I think the Rotrex units are very well engineered, especially its drive system. If only more people would do custom builds instead of just buying kits. I get that it’s the easier path to take and is a proven solution in many cases, but u learn so much more going thru the process of designing and fabricating a FI build from scratch imo.

    1. Nic,

      Being the nerds we are here we went pretty far down the rabbit hole of Forced Induction for the VQ37 before pulling the trigger. I do remember there was a company (now defunct) who did end up going with a rotrex supercharger that I read about on the 370z/G37 forums. I do kinda hate forums at times though because more often than not in order for one thing to be good the other has to completely suck. Then the debates ensue for one argument vs. another. I did end up talking to Top Gun (I think his name is Aaron) early on and at the time he didn’t have a kit for the sedan like our project. He seems like a stand-up guy and other people in the business for selling parts in the automotive aftermarket held his work in high regard. We’re not done with our project yet. It just got put on pause like many things did with COVID.

  4. I was going to get the Soho a2a kit but now everyone is waiting for top guns dyno run in a few days to see how his new cr38 kit will do, I’m in Australia and it’s so much cheaper to buy from the USA , over here 99.9999% of people just do intake and exhaust and call it a day on the 370z so most workshops don’t want to deal with you unless you shower them in cash

    1. that ought to be interesting since I’m sure he has other dyno charts to compare from the old kit.

      I’m curious to try and fit a larger air filter on our project because all of the air-to-air kits I’ve seen use the small harley davidson air filter. I just don’t feel comfortable running a turbo guard on a street car in dusty Phoenix.

  5. I’m with you on the filter
    Thats another nice touch to the the new rotrex kit from Aaron it utilises a large k&n without any restrictions in the intake pipe

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