Garage Revolution’s Time Attack FD3S RX-7, Part 2


garage revolution fd cage

The driver gets his information from a Motec SDL dash display and logger. Those electrical connectors right next to the vertical tube are for downloads from the dash logger and ECU. A floor mounted AP Racing pedal box and master cylinders are used. Also visible are the union of tubes. The tubes going forward are going directly to the shock tower. There are plenty more tubes in the engine bay (see garage revolution part 1).

revolution fd recaro seat

The seat is a carbon kevlar Recaro Profi SPA seat and the 5 point harnesses are camlock Takata belts. Right above the seat's head rest area (pretty damn close to the helmet probably) is a Motec lap beacon receiver. Also visible is the heavy gusseting of the main hoop to the rearward bars. Another cool detail of this car? Power polycarbonate driver's window.

garage revolution Mitsuhiro Kinoshita

Mitsuhiro Kinoshita is buckling in here and preparing for a session. The ATTKD sticker and logo on Kinoshita's helmet and suit is short for Autech Tsukada which is a tuning shop in Japan well known for their Nissan tuning. Kinoshita probably does some testing and competition driving for them also.

garage revolution mitsuhiro kinoshita

Kinoshita is rubbing the shaved Hankook Ventus TDs here and thinking, “Victory is mine!” It didn't quite work out that way as we now know, but Kinoshita was unable to go faster on the shaved Ventus TDs in the second to the last session. He did manage a best of lap of 1:30.5010 in a previous session on unshaved tires. The two tone Volk RE30 wheels are not so common.

garage revolution fd air jacks

When a car comes up on air jacks and has short stroke suspension like this car, it just looks cool, like a legit race car.

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