Gates Belts – Scion FR-S & Ford Mustang Drive Belts

Gates Belts – Scion FR-S & Ford Mustang Drive Belts

by Mike Kojima

For maximum reliability we chose to run accessory drive belts from Gates new racing RPM line.  All the trick cooling tricks in the world won't help you if your drive belt breaks!

Gates is an OEM supplier so all of there OEM quality control steps apply to the performance oriented RPM line as well.  These include tricks in process control and SPC or statistical process control.  In normal language this means that you are getting belts built to tight tolerances, using the best materials.

Ford Mustang, Gates Belt

The Ford Mustang Gates RPM Belt is a single serpentine that drives all of the front end stuff.  It is a Micro-V configuration which means it its very thin.  Thin belts have less heat build up and thus last longer.

Ford Mustang, Gates belt, ribs

The multiple ribs of the Ford Mustang belt help grab the pulleys better.  The Gates RPM Micro-V belts most outstanding features is: High-modulus, low-stretch polyester tensile cord provides extra strength and unmatched reliability, lasting 3 times longer than a standard serpentine belt.

Scion FR-S, Gates belts

Gates Scion FR-S belts are also included in the high performance RPM lineup.

Scion FR-S, Gates belt

The Scion FR-S serpentine belt shown here is blue, but all of the RPM Micro V belts will be transitioning to black soon.  Timing belts will be the only belts in the RPM line that will remain blue.

Scion FR-S Gates Belt

The Scion FR-S belt is shown here in product correct black.

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