Getting Fit: Indoor Bike Training


Laundry is important, you'll be doing a lot of it as it's nearly impossible to get through a proper bike workout without soaking yourself. To do anything less really would defeat the purpose of the exercise. I have 4 bibshorts and a triathlon suit that I'll rotate through for workouts. I do know of some people who will double up before laundering their gear by jumping into the shower still clothed and giving things a quick wash that way to cut down on the amount of laundry they need to do.
I find a headband to be essential to my indoor training. I'm a heavy sweater and the amount of salt these things have kept out of my eyes has been a life saver. I have two cheapo terry cloth headbands that I rotate frequently.
This little note I made for myself ordinarily sits tucked into the corner of the frame surrounding the mirror in my bathroom. What better way to ensure I see it everyday? The “Shut up legs!” was added by my girlfriend. It's a quote from German cyclist Jens Voigt who was a famed hard man of the pro peloton for a number of years.
Shut up Legs! Jens Voigt was never afraid to go on the attack and suffer for long hours in the breakaway. This photo comes from his one hour record setting performance where he travelled 51.115 kilometers at the age of 42 just prior to his retirement from professional cycling at the Grenchen, Switzerland velodrome.

If at all possible your bike should remain on the trainer full time during the winter months you'll be training indoors. The setup and take down of your bike and trainer for each workout, while not a huge time suck, is still one additional barrier to getting your workout in. Also consider getting your clothes prepped and your bottles filled the night before, my mind will latch on to any little excuse to not complete a workout such as not being able to find all of my gear or needing to wash my bottles beforehand.


A fan such as this is critical to indoor training. It will substantially increase your comfort by helping to keep you cool and the sweat levels down. It's never a question this is always on the highest setting and aimed directly at me.

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