Getting Your Life On Track



 Heading onto the track in a Dodge Viper, which has slightly more power than our Nissan NX1600. 

Taking your street car out onto the track can be a lot of fun. With a little bit of brake, suspension and driver tuning an economy car can be a real thrill on the race track. Once you have completed that tuning and are using them fully, then it is time to start working on adding horsepower.

What is holding you back? If you have a mechanically sound car and you want to explore your capabilities as a driver, find a local race track and see what kind of opportunity is available. Check out local car clubs even if they are not identical to your marque – I drive a Nissan yet am a member of the Subaru Performance Driver’s Association because they are strong advocates of enjoying amateur racing.

Tape the leading edge of the magents as the will act like a splitter and you’ll lose your stickers!  The RV adds to the level of comfort in my older years.  My tire bar is a pipe that I added on to extend my cargo capacity.


Who knows what might be next?


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