Ghostwalk the Whip: Fixing Subaru bump steer with Whiteline Bushings


We replaced the damaged ball joint dust boots while we were here.
Access to a press and a skilled Grant Davis makes life easier when installing the Whiteline bushings into the arms.
Again, take care that the holes in the bushings are lined up per the instructions to ensure that the bushing works as designed. Installation is reverse of removal and very simple if you haven’t broken a pinch bolt, as well as a friendship, in the process.

Following the install of the bushing the car was transformed. The suspension felt under control and, dare I say, safe. There was no noticeable difference in NVH when comparing the Whiteline bushings to stock (Hella Horns volume level unaffected). With the bushings alone, I would say the near death factor dropped 70-80% and an alignment took the car to 90% removal of bump steer. Enough to annoy, we now know it’s truly a geometry issue with Subaru’s design, but not enough to invest the energy to dial out the last little bit. The bushings have been on the car for about five months and have held up perfectly, without any signs of deterioration or noise. We are actually looking forward to winter this year with the goal of showing those rusty Kia Rios who’s the boss on Indiana’s slick highways.

Many thanks to all my Subaru friends and family that helped contribute to this article, in particular the witty musings of Adam Jabaay and Alec Cervenka.


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