Girls at Tokyo Auto Salon 2007

I am severly suffering from a crazy hangover today. I went to my friend’s (Nathan at Motec) b-day party/dinner at Garlic Jo’s in Newport Beach, CA. The food kicks ass there. I mean the food is REALLY good. After dinner, we ended up going to a bar/club called Detroit in Costa Mesa afterwards and that place was pretty cool too. Needless to say, my friends and I got way faded and I headed back to Torrance with a friend where we continued drinking and stuff until 8am. After the post drinking breakfast, I went to sleep at 10:30am. I’m getting too old for this shit, but it’s hella fun while you got the fade on…

Back to the subject at hand. Some of my co-workers and friends asked me to take pics of the “models” at TAS this year. I snapped some pics, but I have to admit I felt like an otaku when I was doing it. From what I hear, only 50% of the dudes at TAS are interested in the cars whereas 100% are interested in the girls. In other words, 50% the people go just for the models. There are crowds of otaku (geeky shy nerds) around the models that are taking their pictures, giving them presents, having them autograph pictures of themselves, etc. Strange….in America we would call them obsessed psycho perverts, but not in Japan I guess. If you go to TAS on Saturday and Sunday, there are so many damn Otaku fighting to take pics of these chicks. I mean you’re talking about normally quiet, shy, polite guys that start bumping and pushing just to desperately take pics of these chicks (check the rhyme, yo). More than 75% of these “models” really SHOULD NOT be modeling, but TAS is a tuner car show. An OEM car show like the Tokyo Motor Show has better looking girls overall because the OEMs can afford real models. Trust me, good looking girls that live in the cities are typically high maintenance in Japan (expensive and materialistic) so they demand $$$.

tas chicks 51.jpg

Left or right? Right for me. I’m not too into skinny JDM chicks.

tas chicks 6.jpg

Here’s a super skinny, small frame typical JDM chick. There’s nothing wrong with petite girls, but they gotta gave some curves.

tas chicks 7.jpg

tas chicks.jpg

For me, the exception to skinny JDM chicks is when they are tall and they have somewhat of a hip (relative to their waist, not to American/European girls). All the models at TAS are wearing at least 4-6″ heels. You have to keep in mind that we’re not in the USA or Europe here. Tall for any asian chick anywhere in the world is like 5’6″ .

tas chicks 2.jpg

Just the right amount of meat is good. Check out the dude in the background STARING at her ass up her super short shorts that probably have her ass cheeks popping out.

tas chicks 3.jpg tas chicks 4.jpg

Here’s an example of an OEM model (Daihatsu) that is cute and pretty. I saw her walking by me and just snapped a pic of her. She didn’t bitch at me like an American raised girl would have. Male dominant societies are so damn cool….

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