Global Rallycross Supercars Final: Las Vegas


After setting the fastest time in qualifying, Foust was sitting on pole position for the final round with Scott Speed, Ken Block, and Toomas Heikkinen completing the rest of the first row. Steve Arpin, Patrik Sandell, Travis Pastrana, and Bryce Menzies were in the second row and Sverre Isachsen and Rhys Millen in the rear. Rhys Millen gave up in turn one due to mechanical problems and Scott Speed's car ended up damaged enough that he was also out. Foust jumped the start so he had to take a stop and go penalty that left him third behind Pastrana and Block. 
In heat 2, Moro had mechanical problems and was unable to finish the race but ended up going to the LCQ.
Isachsen had managed to squeak into the final round based on a disqualification by Piquet in the LCQ.
Some cars took quite a beating after nose to tarmac or rear end contact.
Pat Moro had some mechanical problems and ignored the red flag, instead staying out to complete every lap. Kids, don't do this at home.
Cleanup after Arpin was hit by Isachsen and forced into the tire wall. 
Still a close race…
Isachen's car was pretty damaged after punting Arpin. Arpin unleashed some colorful four letter words at Isachen after the race.



Ken Block took a pretty large lead during the final.
Heikkinen and Pastrana battled for third place but Heikkinen was black flagged for aggressive driving. After his penalty, he ended up 4th overall, the only race this season he didn't place on the podium.Isachen still managed to limp around all six laps, placing 5th overall in the finale and 7th in the season championship. 

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