Greddy Releases Extra Large Intercooler for Nissan R35 GTR

Greddy R35 GTR Large Intercooler

Greddy GTR intercooler dyno chart

Greddy Releases Extra Large Intercooler for Nissan R35 GTR

MotoIQ Staff Report
Helping push the limits of the R35 GTR, GReddy is proud to announce the release of their new extra large front-mounted Intercooler Upgrade Kit for modified GTRs. The complete kit features an extra large, high cooling Type-29, R-spec intercooler core, which is ideal for over 900hp. Four specially designed light-weight 3-piece end-tanks smooth out the flow for a side-to-side cross-flow set-up for increased efficiency; while the configuration keeps the upper grill area open for vital engine cooling. The kit includes: twin 40mm Type-RZ Blow-off Valves, 3-ply silicone hoses, large highly-polished aluminum piping, end-tanks, and core. Available now at GReddy Master Tuner Shops.

p/n # 12020486 MSRP $3,900


Greddy GTR front mount intercooler temp drop



Greddy upgrade R35 GTR Intercooler

Greddy Standard GTR Intercooler

Greddy also has a GTR intercooler upgrade that goes in the stock location.

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