GTX Upgrade!


Here are both turbos at 30psi using a 0.82 A/R, T3 flanged turbine housing.  The advantage of the higher flow and efficiency of the GTX start to show at 625whp and 5700rpm or so.  At 7000rpms, the GTX has almost a 40whp advantage!
Both turbos on kill mode.  The GTX is making almost 60whp more than the regular GT!  I’d say that the turbos are maxed out as the horsepower has leveled off.  The green line is the final boost curve for the GTX3582 in max power tune; the blue line is a previous run.  It ends up at about 34psi.  The regular GT3582 could only hold about 32psi at this point.


As the car is running E85 and the way Church’s dyno reads, 10whp per lb/min of airflow is a decent approximation.  Roughly plotting the GT3582 and GTX3582 on the compressor maps show that they are being pushed pretty damn hard.  I assumed an increasing pressure drop across the IC and piping resulting in a nearly constant pressure ratio with a max pressure drop of 4psi.

What did we learn?  The GTX3582 bolted on directly in place of the GT3582 and made a good chunk more power.  About 8% more power.  JC Meynet and AQ Motorsports used the added power to good effect in the Modified Tuner Shootout. but we’re not at liberty to tell the results.  So you’ll just have to wait.  Let’s just say the guys were happy.

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