Happy New Year 2009!

Happy new year everybody. My goal before the new year, aside from completing the MX-5 calibration work (see below), was to get this new and improved blog up and running. With some help from Aric and the gigantic knowledge base we call the web, I was able to get this up and running today with the exception of the links you see on the top of this column and below the header. The evil scripts, adware, and bots that have infested the JDM Insider site are no longer lurking on this blog. BTW, this blog’s new web address is: http://www.beyondthedyno.com/Blogs/Eric. Please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and all that jazz. I’m not sure how much longer the JDM Insider site will be around if the infestation continues. This new blog is conveniently located on XS Engineering’s new and improved dedicated server. Thanks to XS for hooking me up with the server space and bandwidth. I would appreciate it if you guys would report any errors, bugs, and other wackness to me via email since I’m not exactly a website developer.

Anyhow, good luck with your New Years resolutions. Hopefully 2009 will be a good year for us car, engine, and racing people. Mo’ money, mo’ power!

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