I’ve been severely lagging on posting so I’m gonna try and catch up here. Last month I went to Hawaii for my friend Dave’s wedding. He maried a nice girl who’s name is Kaori. I can’t think of a better union eventhough I don’t really believe in the institution of marriage. This was my 3rd tour of duty as a best man. Anyhow, Hawaii is the BOMB. I try to go at least once every other year because there’s nothing like cruising around Hawaii with the tradewind breeze and all. If you can afford it, you want to get married in Hawaii because it’s super nice. The wedding party had a ton of drinkers there so I got the fade on too. A little too much because the Hotel got a couple of presents on the 1st and 7th floors right outside the elevator. Congratulations to Dave and Kaori!

I went with Hisako the wild and crazy (so people say) pink haired girl who is more or less my sister.  I met up with Toshi on one of the days I was there, but he was too busy with his honeys to chill with us.

walking on the beachpartying after the weddingDave and Kaori

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