Holley LS Fest West – 2019 MotoIQ Preview

The largest get together of all things LS on the west coast is about to go down once again at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in just a couple weeks. 2019 will be the third year of the event and it is revving up to be the best yet! There is something for every type of car enthusiast. So be sure to go to the LS Fest West homepage for ticket info and everything you need to plan out your weekend around the huge numbers of events.

When we say everything is LS, we mean everything! It’s awesome to see the LS builds people come up with.

There will be something for every kind of gear head at LS Fest West:

  • Autocross
  • Burn Out Contest
  • Desert Launch
  • Drag Race
  • Drift Challenge
  • Dyno Challenge
  • Off-Road Challenge
  • Poker Run
  • Road Course Challenge
  • Shown-N-Shine
  • Side Show
  • 3S Challenge

Everything above you can participate in with your own LS powered whatever! You can pick and choose events or even sign up for combo deals if you have an all around performer. If you’re interested take a look at the LS Fest West Registration page. Do not wait till the day of the event to register. Spots are already selling out!


The MotoIQ crew has been to every single LS Fest West and we will once again be attending this year with a handful of our project cars.

Rathyna will be taking a little time out from her The Drift League duties and bringing out her LS powered 350Z drift car to compete in the Lucas Oil/MotoIQ Drift Challenge.
Jeff will be testing some new transmission modifications we can’t talk about yet, but come find us to get a sneak peek at what we’re cooking up. And the burning question, will it be finally painted or wrapped???
We’ll also be doing some on-track testing of AEM Electronics’ new Ram Mount set-up for their CD-5 dashes (also available for the CD-7s). Though we have a CD-5 already hard-wired into Project V8 RX7, we will not be using it for this test.
The plan is to plug in the mobile set-up we’ve been using here at the office to log data on many of our product tests. Our on the go set-up consists of a CD-5 Carbon logging dash, Vehicle Dynamics Module, OBD-2 adapter harness, and 12V power cable. It’s super convenient since it let’s us take it from car to car with very little hassle. We’ll report back with the channels it was able to pick-up and log. As well as how accurate and valuable the telemetry data from the VDM was. Oh, and if the dash stayed in place during the road course challenges we will be participating in.
You’ll find our crew under the MotoIQ and Drift League tents which will be in the Drift Challenge paddock. Hunt down Vince and he’ll be more than happy to talk your ear off about any of our projects. The rest of us will be running around running the cars in the events, but if you see us come say hi!

So if you’re within driving distance of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, pack up the crew and come on out to Holley LS Fest West! It really is a great value for any gear head whether you want to participate in the events or just hang out and take in all the LS goodness. Here’s a cool video the Holley team put together of last year’s event. Don’t miss this year’s event!

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