Holley – New LS Oil Pan Baffle & LS Accessory Drive Kits

Holley, LS Oil Pan Baffle, LS Accessory Drive Kits

Holley – New LS Oil Pan Baffle & LS Accessory Drive Kits  


The new 302-10 Oil Pan Baffle Kit fits Holley’s popular cast aluminum oil pan (p/n 302-1) that was designed to retro-fit LS engines into trucks, muscle cars, and more. Vehicles that endure prolonged sessions of braking, turning, and accelerating need extra protection from oil starvation. This oil pan baffle kit is designed to maintain proper oil level at the oil pump pick-up during vehicle accelerations, both lateral and linear. The baffle maintains the oil at the oil pump pick-up preventing loss of engine oil pressure during maximum cornering in a high-performance touring or road-racing, as well as under hard acceleration in drag racing vehicles.


LS Oil Pan Baffle retro fit kit, Holley


The baffle is fabricated from sheet aluminum joined by TIG welded joints. Directionally positioned one-way trap doors allow oil flow towards the oil pump pick-up but not away. This baffle is designed to be used in the Holley P/N 302-1 LS Swap oil pan with the standard pickup, and is a drop-in replacement for the standard tray baffle.



  • Direct bolt-in to 302-1 Holley LS Oil Pan
  • Aluminum sheet TIG welded construction
  • Vertical baffles with one-way trap doors surrounding the oil pump pick-up
  • Great for street/road race/drag race/ and off-road applications


LS Accessory Drive Kit, holley


Holley’s Accessory Bracket Kits for GM LS engines have already become a popular product in the LS world, and now they're proud to offer them for the popular Sanden A/C compressors. They are a simple, clean, cost effective accessory drive solution that solves the challenges encountered when swapping a LS motor into a muscle car, truck, hot rod or other vehicle. These brackets look truly at home on any LS engine as if they came from the factory this way.


Key Features

  • A/C bracket accepts SD508 and SD7 Sanden style compressors
  • The most cost effective LS bracket solution on the market
  • Universal brackets fit virtually all common LS engines regardless of water pump and harmonic balancer offsets reducing cost and complexity compared to competitive products
  • Simple, dedicated installation kits allow easy fitment to Corvette, F-Body or Truck drive offsets
  • Utilizes commonly available and affordable GM alternators, power steering pumps and A/C compressors
  • A/C brackets position the compressor high above the cross-member but below the hood line for easy installation and great looks
  • A/C brackets are also a bolt on solution to relocate A/C compressor on engines using a GM Corvette accessory drive system (will not work with OE A/C compressors)
  • OEM quality natural finish die castings for clean looks and durability. Can be polished, coated, painted or plated.
  • OEM spec flanged head hardware included to match your factory LS engine hardware
  • Complete accessory drive kits include all components and accessories and will be available spring 2013
  • Ideal for crate engines, take out motors and engine builders


Holley’s kits supply the required brackets and hardware needed for installation, but allow you to choose the source for supplemental accessories and components that are often already on the donor engine or host vehicle. Whether sourcing from the salvage yard, the local auto parts store, your GM parts dealer, or Holley, you pick the accessories that match your needs and budget.

A Fitment and Required Components Guide helps you locate and source components and provides other notes and helpful hints.  Three easy steps will get you going.  Step one is to determine your belt alignment based on your crank pulley position on the engine you have.  Step two is to choose the Holley accessory drive brackets that you need (A/C, Alt & P/S or both). Now you get to choose what A/C compressor you prefer; the R4, SD508, and SD7. Step three is to see which Holley installation kit your set-up requires to line up your accessories with your crank pulley position.  An application specific installation kit (part # 21-1, 21-2, or 21-3) is REQUIRED for most applications.







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