Honda Releases New 2012 Integra!

new 2012 integra

Honda Releases New 2012 Rear Wheel Drive Integra!

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Honda has stunned the world with the sudden unexpected release of a new 2012 Integra for Europe, marking a return of the much beloved Integra name to the vehicle market.  The compact Integra features Honda’s revolutionary six speed dual clutch semi automatic transmission that features ultra fast shifting by pre-selecting the next higher gear before disengaging the current drive gear. Amazingly the new Integra is now RWD!


The Integra also features 17” alloy wheels, disc brakes, a lightweight alloy space frame and an efficient, high compression engine featuring PGM-FI injection. No word to whether or not a Type -R version would be released soon.


Below is the official Honda Press Release.  We were just about crapping ourselfs until we read it….

2012 Integra 


New motorcycles in Europe “INTEGRA” announced

Honda Motor Europe Limited, a UK subsidiary of Honda (NYSE: Slough, Berkshire, President
), so today announced the following on 24 October 2011, will guide its contents.

Honda has a new motorcycle scooter combines the comfort of the fun of driving a motorcycle “INTEGRA” was released in Europe.

New Honda Integra

INTEGRA is, “SCOOTING MOTORCYCLE” development concept, has been working to develop the following set targets.

2012 integra

The output characteristics of powerful friendly with high environmental performance, etc. • Excellent fuel economy

Handling performance to achieve superior handling stability ·
Advanced design and unique comfort features fulfill a sense of ownership ·
Engine is equipped with a 700cc liquid-cooled twin cylinder 4-stroke series of new designs. Has both environmental performance and excellent fuel economy and strong torque characteristics in low speed range. In addition, by adopting a second-generation dual-clutch transmission aimed at the lighter and more compact, and allows you to enjoy simple operation and comfortable driving.

The body aims to handling handling characteristics of light and comfort, the frame will adopt the form of a pipe round diamond fusion at a high level flexibility and rigidity. Suspension is telescopic type on front and rear Pro-Link is adopted. In addition, large-diameter 17-inch cast aluminum wheels before and after, the radial tire was developed specifically for, and provide nimble handling.

The design combines the comfort of mobility scooters and motorcycles, incorporating identity everywhere know that Honda's new concept at first glance that you were expressing originality. In addition to air management performance, excellent design and realize the superior maneuverability and ride comfort that comes from a flexible riding position.

This INTEGRA, EICMA 2011 will be held in Milan, Italy from November 08 (Milan show) to Sell.

Well we never said it was an Acura or a car.  Sorry!



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