Honda S2000 Wheel Stand

The words Honda and wheelie never really go together, but here’s a video of the InlinePRO S2000 showing the V8s in the world what’s really going down.


The F20C is still present. This car is awesome. Hell has officially froze over because a 4 banger Honda has popped a wheelie past the 60ft. mark and smoked the living shit out of a Fox body Mustang. If I was the dude in the white 5.0, I would cry like a bitch.

ADDED 4/30: It seems as I’ve pissed off some of the Firebird/Camaro/Mustang people with my comments. FYI, if I pulled up to the right lane in a Nissan and got blown away by a Yugo on slicks in the left lane that pulled a perfect wheelie past the 60ft mark, I would also cry like a bitch. The point here is that a car that my peers and I regularly looked down on smoked the shit out of me. Yeah, you know you American car owners talk shit about rice rockets or Fast & the Furious cars all day long. Personally, I have nothing against American Iron. In fact, I have stated in multiple posts that I like Fox body Mustangs and will own one…one of these days. Until then, I’ll still be building Japanese aluminum.

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