Hondata Releases Direct Fire Coil Pack Retrofit System

Hondata Releases Their Coil Pack Retrofit System


World leading Honda / Acura engine electronics tuner Hondata Inc. has released the Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR) for D, B, F and H series engines.



The Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR) allows the use of “coil on plug” individual ignition coils on engines with distributor based ignition systems (D, B, F and H series Honda engines). This exciting modification gives more spark energy than a single coil and distributor, improves overall reliability, and offers greater performance for forced induction applications.



Some of the features of this exciting new product are:

  • More spark energy than a single coil and distributor, allowing larger spark plug gap with forced induction without misfires
  • Individual coils are more durable and less likely to fail than stock igniter and coil systems
  • No exposed spark plug leads results in less conducted interference to other electronics on the vehicle
  • The Coil Pack Retrofit can drive a CDI controller if desired

Developed from years of hands on racing and tuning, Hondata’s Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR) gives the user the advantages of newer technology, to add to the strengths of the earlier model Honda engines.



Coming complete with controller box and wiring harness, the Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR) works alongside Hondata’s S300 system to provide a complete tuning system for the power and reliability seeking Honda owner. 


Specific details for the Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR) are online at: 


All Hondata systems are for off road use only. 



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