Hot Import Nights


Entertainers at HIN 2009 Anaheim Stadium Photo by Mari Umekubo

HOT IMPORT NIGHTS -Where Dreams Are Reality Tour
By Aaron Guardado and Mari Umekubo; Photos By Mari Umekubo unless where noted

Hot Import Nights 2009 cruised through comfortably on a clear sunny day at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, CA.  Throngs of car enthusiasts and automotive media stood patiently in line to enter into a realm of exotic and audaciously modified cars, sexy car models, cycle, scooter, and race car showcases, scratchy DJ music, and hour long bathroom lines!

The event featured unique trophy winning autos and their owners at the ready to talk to anyone interested in their prized creations.  Some were bold statements of creativity others seemed more typical until closer inspection. Apparently one vehicle had alligator skins sewn into its ceiling!!  Many had DVD screens built into them left and right!  Another vehicle had hydraulics placed in its trunk as its main showpiece.  It looked like a massive intertwining of shiny brass piping.  At any rate, every entry from the curiously daring to the more reserved drew attention and deservedly so.   

Hot Import Nights also featured alluring go-go girls doing their thing to “music” blaring from car-sized speakers, DJ’s workin’ in practically every aisle, crowds standing tall to view the evening’s entertainment – break dancers and rappers performing on a multicolored laser lit stage stage, motorcyclists amazing their audiences by their death defying air tricks off of two storied ramps, as well as race cars that tore through a maze of figure eights. 

Aaron Guardado Photo by Sean GuardadoSean Guardado in his Audi Photo by Aaron Guardado
The brothers caught each other on the go. Here's Aaron with his BMW M5!Shaun's in his Audi SR4!

 A couple of our editors Shaun and Aaron Guardado, competed in a grip/drift based competition that was held by the AUTO BARREL RACING Company.  The race was intense for drivers and spectators. Against a backdrop of a night sky the event was underway. The brothers competed against multiple cars from purpose built Honda and Nissan drift cars to the BMW M5 that Aaron drove. His brother Shaun competed in an Audi RS4. The race involved open practice amongst all the drivers and soon after, qualifying would pick the 16 top drivers to compete for the $5000.00 purse.

The objective was to drift around 3 barrels placed 100 feet apart without contacting the barrel or the walls. After completing the revolutions a small sprint to the finish line would complete the run. The driver talent varied greatly amongst the participants. The M5 has a great amount of power and handling on a racetrack but the heavy weight did not help much with the agile handling needed. Audi is well known for their Quattro all wheel drive system, so it’s possible that these competitors figured there could be some sort of an advantage in using the RS4.  The weight of the car combined with the close proximity of the course resulted in the RS4 not being victorious.

Overall those advocates who attended drove into the night and were hoping a better time during each run. The object of the driving was not to have the most power or handling, but in this case, an equal balance of both should have prevailed. Quoc Ly, a Formula Drift driver on the competition in a Mazda Speed Miata gracefully made his revolutions, sped off, and made it through the finish to take the win. His driving skills were 2nd to none.

All in all, Hot Import Nights, was a fun, wild out of this world experience.  See for yourself. Take a look at our picture gallery!

 totota supra HIN 2009 Photo by Jeff Naeyaert

Photo by Jeff Naeyaert

Quoc Ly

Quoc Ly proudly stands next to his Mazada  Speed Miata and trophy. Photo courtesy of Quoc Ly



HIN enthusiasts

These pretty car show enthusiasts didn't mind posing for a picture!



angel adorned Ferrari

Father and son display their angel adorned Ferrari.



DJ Hot Import Nights 2009

These happy DJ's, above and below, worked their stuff nonstop!



DJ at Hot Import Nights

This DJ spun out the fun and never let it stop!


car models at Hot Import Nights 2009

Car models and a photographer working his circuit… 



car model Hot Import Nights 2009

This model revs up a corvette.   Photo by Jeff Naeyaert



starfire wheel Photo by Mari Umekubo

Blazin' in the sunlight, this starfire wheel, shines on & off the road!



hood mural by high image

An airbrushed hood mural by High Image has a trunk mural to match!  See next photo!



trunk mural by high image

High Image's trunk mural has a hood mural and side mirror art to match!



Bowls Honda Ruckus Hot Import Nights 2009

It looks like this cute Pink Honda Ruckus comes with a sporty pink thermos!



Yellow Honda and RC version HIN 2009

Here's an interesting display: Honda's within a Honda! RC and a Hot Wheels size versions!


An Audi     Hot Import Nights 2009

As the sun goes down flood lights light up the Anaheim Stadium grounds.


Hot Import Nights 2009 Photo by Mari Umekubo

Hoods were propped, doors opened backwards and trunks popped for all to see.  Is this a bizarre scene or what?!



AcuraTL Hot Import Nights 2009

An Acura TL bathes in the gleam and glare of the flood lights.



Cobalt SS HOt Import Nights 2009 Photo by Mari Umekubo


The tail lights of this Cobalt SS light up an inquisitive spectator in a hot red glow.



Cobalt SS  Hot Import Nights 2009 Photo by Mari Umekubo

The same Cobalt SS captured from the rear has an ET like appearance. Don't you think?



Hot Import Nights 2009 Photo by Mari Umekubo

Prize winning autos and their trophys create an other worldly landscape.



Ariel Atoms Hot Import Nights 2009 Photo by Mari Umekubo

Ariel Atoms powered by Honda engines look as surreal as their surroundings. 



ford focus with lambo doors Hot Import Nights 2009

This is no ordinary Ford Focus. It features digital displays and lambo doors!



Hot Import Nights 2009 Scion XB Photo by Mari Umekubo

A wide screen TV and a fuzzy interior are primo parts on this Scion XB!



Honda Ruckus Photo by Jeff Naeyaert

From this angle, the Honda Ruckus Scooter looks like a mean red speed machine.  Photo by Jeff Naeyaert


honda del sol HIN 2009

Here's a rare Honda del Sol with a carbon fiber trunk.




Gunnar motorcycles Hot Import Nights 2009 Photo by Mari Umekubo

Gunnar's RV serves nicely as a backdrop for their performance cycles as well as a pretty nifty viewing platform.



break dancers at HIN 2009 Photo by Mari Umekubo

Breakdancers and rappers ruled the stage all night long!



Scion XB HIN 2009 Photo by Mari Umekubo


While the guys race on a video monitor this green Scion XB's ready for the real thing!



HIN 2009 show goers

This happy group and baby have their Scion essentials all bagged up and ready for next year's Hot Import Nights extraveganza!



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