Hotchkis Sport Suspension debuts adjustable sway bars for the new “86.”



Hotchkis Sport Suspension debuts the most adjustable sway bars available for the new “86.”

The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ combine a responsive platform, supercar looks, and an economy car price tag, but like all modern performance cars the factory suspension and tires limit driver control and traction. The suspension gurus at Hotchkis were among the first to buy and race these new cars and have already found a solution – new bolt-on adjustable sport sway bars that allow drivers to customize the setup and handling characteristics of their car for maximum control and minimal roll.

In stock form the new “86” is a fun, nimble car that – for the sake of fuel economy – comes equipped with low-rolling resistance tires similar to those on the Prius hybrid. However, once a set of good performance tires are installed, the added grip quickly overpowers the factory sway bars and induces copious amounts of body roll. Looking to minimize this body roll, neutralize the inherent oversteer, and increase overall driver control, Hotchkis engineers spent hours on the track and the street developing upgraded sway bars that work as well on a stock vehicle as they do on a modified one.
The front 1-inch tubular bar features two settings that increase roll stiffness by 170% or 245% over the stock bar.
The ¾-inch blade-style rear bar has an unprecedented four levels of adjustment that increases the rear roll stiffness from 200% all the way up to 550% over stock and includes upgraded endlinks. With so many different settings, these bars allow the driver to tailor the roll stiffness to match their car’s tires and suspension, as well as their own driving style.
For enthusiasts looking for the all-inclusive suspension package, Hotchkis also offers its Sport Sway Bars bundled together with its Sport Coil Springs as the Stage1 Total Vehicle System (TVS). This package is perfect for the driver looking to dramatically improve the looks and handling of their FR-S, BRZ, or GT-86 with a simple, bolt-on solution.
Upgraded adjustable front endlinks are also available for those looking to spend lots of time on the track or pushing the limits of how low they can get the car.
Hotchkis Sport Suspension products for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GT-86 are manufactured in the USA, come with all necessary hardware, feature greaseable polyurethane bushings, and are finished in durable powder coat. These bolt-on upgrades can transform your FR-S/BRZ in a single afternoon and are the ultimate way to unlock the true potential of the FT-86 platform. For more information on the full line of products for the FR-S, BRZ, and GT-86 visit the Hotchkis Sport Suspension website at

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